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About us Mr. Kuriappan K. Erinjery. Founded the group in 1971, with its first venture named “Everest Tiles” clicking to a great success.It has, ever since its formation, diversified into many other fields and now is one of the enterprising groups in Kerala. The Everest Ayurveda Medicines began its operations way back in 1981 in the village of Chiyyaram, the outskirts of Thrissur, Kerala of Southern India.

The successful Everest Pharma, the first Ayurveda venture of the Group, played a major role in integrating the traditional & modern techniques of manufacture of Ayurveda Medicines.The slogan of Everest Pharma was based on the methods followed by us – Specially For You Naturally. A second division of Everest Ayurveda Medicines was opened in 1995 named Everest Drugs ; Later, in 2007, it was amalgamated with Everest Pharma.

Another quite diversified venture of the Group was the Everest Jewellery Manufacturers, established in 1983. The ethical standards followed by the family was highlighted in the slogan – ‘ Pure Gold, Clear Trade‘. Forty years back when Kunjachan K. Erinjery the elder son in Everest family decided to cater to the ever-growing demand for gold jewellery, he setup a small-scale gold manufacturing unit. In a short span of time he was able to carve a space for himself in the whole sale gold jewellery market in India. His in born talent to adapt to new situations and uncompromising attitude towards quality made him a leading whole seller. In the early years he has endeavoured tirelessly to create awareness about pure gold among the people. His penchant for state-of-the-art technology and talented team of designers with skilled master-craftsmen working together has made the impossible possible. Later in the years he was joined by his son Kuriappan K. Erinjery which brought the charm of youth to the fore. He was instrumental in establishing a retail outlet to show case the best designs they supply to the whole world. As of now, their business is catering for clients in over all over India .The duo, in their success, did not forget the social responsibility towards the world which they are born in. Both are into many charitable activities since philanthropy was in their family culture. Everest Jewellers has specialised craftsmen exclusively for Kerala Designs. Their unique collections are accepted very well by Jewellers in Kerala and rest of India. The retail outlet provides jewellery in whole sale price and hence frequented by many.With numerous years of experience, Everest Jewellery is now one of the leading Jewellers in Kerala. The group is also engaged in several other fields of business such as agriculture….etc. The success of the group lies in maintaining the traditional Kerala Joint Family system with a commitment, to cater the ever-growing market by introducing super quality products & their services.

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Everest jewellery was a firm enriched with traditional values which have been developed as a wholesale and retail gold manufacturing company thereupon. 40 years ago Kunjachan K. Erinjery who is a business owner and managing director of the company started the journey to build up his vast empire for gold business only because of his strong desire and hard work. Later on, Kuriappan K Erinjery joined in this successful journey to bring out more talents to new situations and in uncompromised designs and desires .

Kunjachan K Erinjery

Kuriappan K Erinjery